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World Wealth Report 2022

The past year was a period of tremendous wealth accumulation around the world: recovering economies boosted by stock market gains pushed global high net-worth individual (HNWI) population and global wealth totals to grow by 7.8% and 8%, respectively. But to capture this growth, wealth management firms will need new business models and new and improved ways of delivering more personalized and responsive service, augmenting overall client experience.

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— September 2022

World Life and Health Insurance Report 2022

In the inaugural edition of this report, we will explore how customers perceive the physical and financial wellness and how these two are increasingly overlapping. We will also look at how insurers can regain relevancy and trust by evolving from wellness as an offering to wellness-as-a-service, built around a 360-degree customer view and complete with operational readiness, technology at the core and right ecosystem partnerships. Finally, we offer a solution roadmap to help life and health insurers strengthen their capabilities and develop digital wellness platforms that are engaging and cost-effective.

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